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United Church

310 E 1st st.
Unity, SK S0K 4L0
(306) 228-2721

Unity SK Obituaries and Funeral Related News

Former Oakville mayor Harry Barrett has died at the age of 93 - InsideHalton.com

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Jackie. Oakville Mayor Rob Burton called Barrett his mentor and a champion of heritage and waterfront protection. "His passion for our community has always inspired me and many others," he said. Barrett also served during the Second World War, joining up at the age of 18. He was trained as a field gunner with the 4th Field Regiment of the Royal Canadian Artillery, but said rather than fire artillery pieces he was tasked with recognizance duties as the Canadian army advanced through Belgium, the Netherlands and finally Germany. His duties included spotting enemy positions and laying telephone wire so the forward operating bases could communicate with the rear positions. In an interview with the Oakville Public Library, which can now be seen online, Barrett said he had several close calls. On one night, he and some other soldiers slept in a haystack in a farmer's field. They awoke the following morning and quickly realized two German soldiers were asleep on the other side of the haystack. The Germans were taken prisoner without incident. Another incident, which could have potentially taken a fatal turn, occurred near the end of the war when Barrett and another soldier approached a small town looking for bedding they could use. Finding nothing they turned around only to see five German soldiers approaching them with their hands up. Barrett and his comrade took the men prisoner and during questioning it was revealed the Germans had been manning a machine gun, which they pointed at the two Canadian soldiers as they approached. The group ultimately decided not to open fire and surrender, reasoning a larger force must be nearby since these two Canadians were strolling about the town in broad daylight. "It was just the thing to do," said Barrett about going to war. "You were expected to join up. It was an adventure. At 18 you think you're immortal. That nothing is going to happen to you. Some of the near misses you have … you shudder in your boots when you think about it now, but you didn't think anything of it then." Barrett is survived by his daughters Carol and Laurie,...

David John Couch - Vernon Morning Star

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dad always had the back story to the back story about the farms in our community. A natural athlete in his youth Dave played a lot of “ball” up and down the Okanagan and coached the Enderby Legionnaires all the way to provincial victory. The playing turned to watching and he spent many a day “coaching” the Boston Red Sox from his easy chair in addition to the BC Lions and Vancouver Canucks. A funeral service will be held at Bowers Funeral Home in Salmon Arm, BC on Monday March 11th. Bowers Funeral Service Let's block ads! (Why?)...

Dozens of bikers attend funeral for Hells Angels member gunned down in Peel - Yahoo News Canada

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

There was also a heavy police presence, with officers from the OPP and York keeping a close eye on those in attendance.Funerals for club members often offer police a rare opportunity to keep tabs on the who's who of the biker underworld.The Hells Angels have hundreds of members in Canada. The gang first moved into Ontario in 2000, after they emerged victorious in a bloody biker war in Quebec fought against the Rock Machine MC.View photosPaul Smith/CBCspan data-...

Bus driver killed in Columbia Icefield parking lot - Rocky Mountain Outlook

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Yumiko Taura, a driver for Canada Coach Lines. "Yesterday a tragic freak accident took the life of a member of our community here in the Bow Valley," wrote John House, who started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her funeral costs. "Yumiko Taura was a motor coach driver who while standing beside her coach and unloading passengers at a prime tourist attraction along the Icefield Parkway became pinned by her own motor coach as it started to move toward three parked cars." According to the RCMP, a STARS air ambulance was dispatched to the parking lot, however, when it arrived she was declared dead at the scene. Several witnesses were interviewed by police and preliminary information indicates that the bus also struck four parked vehicles before it came to rest. No other people were injured. According to the online fundraising campaign, Taura was originally from Japan and has no family in Canada. The money will be used to assist with funeral expenses or to repatriate her body to Japan. If it is not possible, organizers have indicated they may use the money for a memorial bench with a plaque in her memory. Canada Coach Lines Inc. declined to comment on the tragic circumstances, however, Ron Movat, one of her co-workers, shared a personal message on his Facebook praising her work. "We lost a coworker today, in an accident that shouldn't have happ...

Convicted sex offender Donnie Snook allowed escorted absence from prison - CBC News

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

St. John's, Cadigan said.In 2013, Snook admitted to 46 sex crimes against children, including sexual assault, making and distributing child pornography, and extortion.'He hurt a whole community'Snook's crimes sparked outrage and shock in Saint John, where he was a popular youth pastor in the south end.For years, Snook ran a hot lunch program for underprivileged children, "deliberately" placing himself "in the positions to abuse young boys and seriously harm the community which supported him," Judge Alfred Brien wrote in Snook's sentencing decision.Snook was paraded through Saint John City Hall by RCMP following his 2013 arrest. His arrest shocked the community. "He became emboldened in pursuing his desires, reckless and uncaring towards the very children who trusted him to help, not harm, them."Snook admitted to abusing 17 young male victims over a 12-year period in Saint John.He is also serving an additional three months after he pleaded guilty to three child exploitation charges involving a boy under the age of 14 in Newfoundland and Labrador.They date back to Snook's work as a pastor at a Salvation Army church in Mount Moriah, N.L., in the mid-1990s.Grace Murphy volunteered with Snook, serving hot lunches every day.Both Murphy and her late mother were fond of Snook and the work he was doing with children. Murphy even asked Snook to conduct the service when her mother died.When she learned the truth, she was shocked."I was angry," Murphy said. "I just felt so bad for the kids."Grace Murphy volunteered with Donnie Snook, serving hot lunches to children. She doesn't agree with the decision to allow him an escorted temporary absence from prison. (Graham Thompson/CBC)Murphy said she is sorry to hear Snook's father died, but she disagrees with the decision to allow him to leave prison, even if he'll be escorted by correctional officers."That was a horrendous, horrendous crime that he committed against those children," she said."Those ch...

‘Write me soon. Stay safe’: A story of Canada’s opioid crisis, told in letters from prison - The Globe and Mail

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Herd. His mother and sisters called him Manie – little man – because he was the only boy in the family. Story continues below advertisement He was torn away from his home on Saskatchewan's Peepeekisis First Nation to be educated in church-run residential schools, emerging scarred by sexual and physical abuse. For years, he would cross the street to avoid passing a Catholic church. A skilled outdoorsman who liked to fish for pike and hunt deer, beaver, bear and moose, he fell into a pattern of drinking, drug taking and fighting that kept him behind bars for most of his adult life. Pictures in an album show Mr. Daniels as an adult; a tattoo on Ms. Barber's back, below, shows him as a child. Tijana Martin/The Globe and Mail Moira Barber, his common-law wife for 13 years, met him when she was dealing drugs in Guelph, Ont., and needed someone to collect money for her. She asked for the hardest, meanest dude in town. But Mr. Daniels had another side, Ms. Barber says. He was a keen artist who sometimes drew tattoos for a living. He loved roughhousing with her grandchildren, rolling around with them gleefully until the long hair that stretched down his back was a tangled mess. Mr. Kell grew up in London, Ont., 90 minutes down the 401 highway from Mr. Daniels. He started using drugs when he was a teenager. Before long, he was dealing cannabis and injecting hard stuff. As he puts it now, he would keep using until he ended up in the back of a police car. Between some 20 incarcerations, he tried over and over to get clean. He suffered several overdoses, coming close to death. In Spencer Kell's dining room, angel and devil portraits drawn by Mr. Daniels hang behind him. Blair Gable Mr. Kell and Mr. Daniels forged their friendship during two stints sharing a cell at Maplehurst. On the range at "the Hurst," they won respect for their experience and toughness. Mr. Daniels had an ugly temper. He could flip on you in a second, Mr. Kell says. But he stuck up for the underdogs, especially the new guys. Mr. Kell looked up to Mr. D...

Saskatchewan police officers attend regimental funeral - Global News Regina

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

READ MORE: ‘She is a hero’: Husband of slain Fredericton officer bids tearful goodbye a contingent of first responders from Saskatchewan are among those who traveled to Fredericton were among them.Three officers from the Saskatoon Police Service, two from Moose Jaw, and one from Weyburn are representing the south of the province.Three Regina Police Service members who attended are originally from New Brunswick, including one from Fredericton. Let's block ads! (Why?)...

Stony Plain lines 53 Street with hockey sticks for Broncos' Parker Tobin funeral - Edmonton Journal

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tobin was originally thought to have survived the Broncos' bus collision last week, which killed 16 people. But a Saskatchewan coroner later confirmed he had been misidentified.estolte@postmedia.comtwitter.com/estoltecgriwkowsky@postmedia.comTwitter.com/CGriwkowsky Today's Top Three: Speed limits on residential roads; super-sized jail questioned;... Nick Lees: Gala guests pledge $120,000 for hospital cutting-edge 3D printer Let's block ads! (Why?)...