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Cooperative Funeraire de l'Out

95 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes
Hull, QC J8Y 6X3
(819) 778-2425

Hull QC Obituaries and Funeral Related News

MacKimmie Funeral Home closing after 157 years in business - The Review Newspaper

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Funeral Home has been serving a predominantly English-speaking clientele in the Lachute region, extending west through the Arundel, Weir, Harrington region to clients as far away as Gatineau and Hull.Richard and Bonnie’s childhood included being around the funeral home. Richard remembers going on the road at eight or nine years of age to help set up graves. At the age of 10, 11, or 12, he remembers being present for removals from homes.Although young, he says that this was just part of life in his family.“People died at home and we would go to a home when someone had passed away. Times have changed and these days, more often than not when someone dies at home, an ambulance is called in order to transport the person to a hospital first,” Richard said.“I would be at the funeral home and the embalmer would arrive and say hello and I would say hello and that was just the way things were for us,” Richard said.Looking ahead, Richard says that the family will retain the headstone business from an office at the rear of the funeral home building.Pre-arranged funerals will be transferred to Salon Funéraire Roland Menard. Richard says that business, too, is a family-owned business and that he has known Roland Menard since they attended school together. Roland Menard grew up in the trade also and came into the business in the same manner as Richard did.MacKimmie Funeral Home is located at 660 rue Principale in Lachute.  While the telephone number and business entity will exist for some time, the business will close at the end of 2017.Louise SprouleLouise Sproule has been the publisher of The Review since 1992. A part-time job after high school at The Review got Sproule hooked on community newspapers and all that they represent. She loves to write, has covered every kind of event you can think of, loves to organize community events and loves her small town and taking photographs across the region. She dreams of writing a book one day so she can finally tell all of the town's secrets! She must be stopped! Keep subscribing to The Review . . . or else!Latest posts by Louise Sproule (see all)Let's block ads! (Why?)...

Dorothea De Boer - Le Mars Daily Sentinel

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Minnesota for a brief time before settling in Merrill in 1924. They later moved to Lane, South Dakota where Dorothea attended elementary school. She graduated from high school in Hull in 1941. While attending high school, she worked in a grocery and dry goods store, a coffee shop and taught Sunday School in the Lutheran Church where her father was a minister.On Oct. 22, 1941, Dorothea and Bernard De Boer were united in marriage. They lived in West Burlington, where Bernie worked hauling gravel to the defense plant. The couple moved to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin then moved to Kansas. When Bernie went to the service during World War II, Dorothea returned to Hull to live with her parents. She later joined him in Chicago while Bernie taught at Navy Pier. After the war, Dorothea and Bernie moved to Le Mars to make their home.Dorothea attended Westmar College for two years, earning her teaching certificate. She began her teaching career in a two room country school near Seney. She taught there for three years and transferred to Le Mars Community Schools. Dorothea would teach at Le Mars Community for the next 25 years. During that time she furthered her education by earning her four year degree and a master’s degree in elementary education as a reading specialist. She was a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Le Mars the entire time she lived in Le Mars. Dorothea taught Sunday School, participated in Ladies’ Aid and WE...

London-area dairy farm worker Carl Gregg remembered as generous family man - London Free Press

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Farms on the outskirts of London.Gregg lived less than a kilometre away from the London-area dairy farm, where he’d worked for the last 16 years.The 58 year old was working alone at the Woodhull Road farm last Tuesday when he fell through an opening into a manure pit, according to Ontario’s Labour Ministry, which is now probing Gregg’s death.Longtime friend Michael Appleton remembers the time he needed to return to New Brunswick to attend his grandmother’s funeral.After asking Gregg for help, Appleton said his friend arrived within an hour ready to make the 1,200-kilometre drive.Gregg visited with family — his two sisters live in New Brunswick — while Appleton spent three days with his grieving relatives.“And then he picked me up and drove me all the way back without even a hesitation,” said Appleton.An avid outdoors person who loved cruising through the country, Gregg always stayed close to his family despite the distance separating them.His five nieces and two nephews held a special place in his heart.“He was known as the ‘popular’ uncle. He always found a way to make it home for his nieces and nephews graduations and any special visits back home included shopping trips with them, buying whatever they wanted,” said his obituary.Gregg had a tradition when returning to his hometown: He’d always order pizza and Sussex Golden Ginger Ale for his family to share.Appleton, who last saw Gregg before Christmas, said his friend donated turkeys to the Salvatio...

The Great Western, Sarah Bowman, the Valley and more - Valley morning Star

Friday, February 17, 2017

I’ll beat you to death.’ The rumor turned out to be untrue as Taylor was victorious.” At his time she began to carry the sobriquet “Great Western.” The name was borrowed from an oak-hulled side wheeler steamship that made its maiden voyage from England to America in 1838. At that time it was the largest steamship afloat in the world.Following the overall United States victory in the war, American military forces would remain in parts of Mexico until July 1848. Before this period Sarah had opened a hotel in Saltillo, Mexico. It was named the American House. It housed both a saloon and a brothel.Following the American evacuation of Mexico Sarah returned to the United States but not without the usual encumbrances.According to the Handbook of Texas “... in July 1848 she asked to join a column of dragoons that had been ordered to California. By this time her husband was probably dead, and she was told that only married women could march with the army. Undaunted, she rode a donkey along the line of men asking, ‘Who wants a wife with fifteen thousand dollars and the biggest leg in Mexico? Come, my beauties, don’t all speak at once. Who is the lucky man?”Another account of this incident goes that when reminded that she needed a husband in the dragoons to continue onward with the unit, she gave a military salute and replied, “All right, Major, I’ll marry the whole squadron and you thrown in but what I go along.” She rode along the front of the line and made an offer that one soldier finally took her up on, if they could find a clergyman to “tie the knot.” “Bring your blanket to my tent tonight and I will learn you to tie a knot that will satisfy you, I reckon,” she said.After some hesitation a dragoon named Davis, probably David E. Davis, stepped forward, and the Great Western once again marched with the army.” Her union to Davis lasted a few short months. She eventually went to Franklin, Texas, which was later to be renamed El Paso. Once here she, in 1849, briefly established a hotel and restaurant catering to the Forty-Niners flooding to the gold fields of California.It was said that hers was the first business in the town to be run by a female. She was also the first Anglo woman in town as well as the first brothel madam. Then, with another man, possibly 38 year old New Mexico-born Juan Duran, she went to Socorro, New Mexico, as evidenced by the December 31,1850 census (Sarah had reverted to her first husband’s name apparently, listed as “Sarah Bourgette”). She lists her birthplace as Tennessee and her age at 33. Also listed with them are five young girls, all Illinois born, which some believe might have been frontier orphans.The Skinner girls were Caroline 16, Nancy 9, Fanny 8, Diane 7, and Margaret 2. Sarah’s marital escapades were not yet over. She soon married another soldier, Albert J. Bowman, who was German-born and an upholsterer by training. He was also several years younger than she. When he was transferred to Socorro, New Mexico, Sarah leased her hotel to the army and moved with her new husband. Upon his discharge in November 1852 the couple moved back to Fort Yuma, Arizona where gold had recently been discovered.Here Sarah worked in the hospital and opened a restaurant. In 1856 she traveled to Fort Buchanan to set up a hotel ten miles below the fort. She then returned to Fort Yuma by 1861.Havin...

Hundreds mourn Thérèse Gauvreau at funeral -

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hundreds of people gathered at a Gatineau church on Saturday to say goodbye to Thérèse Gauvreau, the 83-year-old woman found killed in her home in Hull more than a week ago. Her funeral was held at l'Église Notre-Dame-de-la-Guadeloupe, the church at which she worshipped. Gauvreau had a decades-long career at the Pierre-Janet psychiatric hospital in Gatineau. She was part of a family that runs several businesses in the Outaouais area. Gauvreau was found dead inside her home on Boulevard de la Cité-des-jeunes in the Hull district on Jan 18. Jean-François Dupuis appeared in court Tuesday and ordered for further psychiatric evaluation assessing a recommendation for a verdict of 'not criminally responsible.' (Sketch by Laurie Foster-MacLeod) Jean-François Dupuis, 21, has been charged with second-degree murder in her death. On Tuesday, he was found fit to be tried after a psychiatric assessment. A further psychiatric assessment was ordered to explore whether he should be found not criminally responsible. Gatineau police have come under fire in the case for taking 30-minutes to respond to the scene. The force has since launched an inte...

A list of terrorist incidents and attacks in Canada - National Post

Thursday, April 12, 2018

She is set to undergo a court-ordered mental health assessment.Jan. 29, 2017: Six men were killed and others injured after a shooting at a Quebec City mosque. Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, is facing six counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder using a restricted firearm. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard both called the shooting a terrorist attack.Aug. 10, 2016: Police shoot and kill terror suspect Aaron Driver in Strathroy, Ont., after he made a video that suggested he was planning to detonate a homemade bomb in a Canadian city during morning or afternoon rush hour. Driver detonated an explosive device in a taxi cab before police killed him.Oct. 22, 2014: Parliament Hill security and police shoot and kill Michael Zehaf-Bibeau after he killed Canadian soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial and then stormed the Parliament Buildings.Oct. 20, 2014: Quebec police shoot and kill Martin Couture-Rouleau after he threatens an officer with a knife. Couture-Rouleau was wanted for running down warrant officer Patrice Vincent and another soldier in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Vincent died of his injuries. Aubrey de Grey thinks the first humans who will live to 1,000 already walk among us. But is postponing death a good thing? Tech folks are a little antsy about the whole death thing. They're putting money behind DNA 'hacking,' organ printing and tiny robots that might kill what ails you Robots and asteroids are likely threats, but we'll probably be wiped out by good, old-fashioned disease Amortized over time, it's a small price to pay for the hoped for results — the reversal of aging. And transfusions are already bestowing Methuselah-like effects L...

Family calls for action against bullying in wake of Longueuil teen's death -

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Proulx declined to comment on the specifics of the case.Simon Dufour (left) is seen here as a young boy with his father Martin Dufour.(Submitted by Martin Dufour)The Quebec Association for Suicide Prevention called for caution before associating bullying too quickly with suicide, since there is often not just one cause, but a combination of factors behind such deaths.But Simon's family said he was tormented by bullying. Longueuil police confirmed its investigation into his death has expanded to include the high school he attended. Investigators met with school staff earlier this week.The Criminal Code includes articles for cases of verbal abuse, such as harassment.Where to get helpKids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 (phone), live chat counselling at www.kidshelpphone.caCanadian Association for Suicide Prevention: Find a 24-hour crisis centreFor parents of children who are the targets of bullying, the Mental Health Commisssion of Canada offers advice here.If you're worried someone you know may be at risk of suicide, you should talk to them, says the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention. Here are some warning signs: Suicidal thoughts.Substance abuse.Purposelessness.Anxiety.Feeling trapped.Hopelessness and helplessness.Withdrawal.Anger.Recklessness.Mood changes.Let's block ads! (Why?)...

Cornwall and Area Death Notices - Cornwall Seaway News

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Faith Marie Mill, in December 1954. Returning to Canada from Europe in 1954 he served in the Overseas Ferry Unit, flying small single-engined fighters across the Atlantic to Europe from Longeueil, Quebec. Postings through the late 50s and early 60s saw him training the RCAF’s (and NATO’s) growing cadre of pilots in Portage la Prairie, Saskatoon and Gimli. His experience with accident investigation within the Flight Safety Directorate in Ottawa from 1965-68 helped initiate safety procedures that dramatically brought down the accident rate amongst new jet pilots. After a year’s study in Staff College in Kingston and operational training in Chatham and Cold Lake, Bruce Burgess returned to Europe, commanding 441 and 439 reconnaissance squadrons flying CF-104s in Germany and studying with the Royal Air Force Warfare College at RAF Manby in 1972. Returning to the Air Requirements Directorate in Ottawa from 1973-77, he helped shepherd the acquisition of the next generation of CF-18 (hornet) fighter aircraft. Highlights of his later career include Base Commander at CFB Comox (1977-80), Defense Attache in London (1980-82), Chief of Staff Air Force Operations, Winnipeg (1982-84) and Deputy Chief of Staff of Operations at Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs (1984-87). He was awarded the Order of Military Merit in 1984, supplementing his earlier Special Service Medal (NATO-OTAN) and Canadian Decoration. He retired with Faith to Lancaster, Ontario in 1987. Bruce Burgess was a citizen airman who lived life with integrity, humility, humour, a strong sense of responsibility and a profound commitment to Canada. The warmth of his personality, his dedication to duty, his courage and his charm enriched us all. The funeral will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday April 7, 2018 at St. Andrew’s and Knox Church, 21102 Concession Road 2, S. Glengarry, Bainsville, Ontario. The family will receive visitors on Friday April 6, 2018 from 2 to 4 p.m., and from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Munro & Morris Funeral Home, 46 Oak Street, Lancaster (613-347-3629).  www.munromorris.comDORAIS, Monique (Dufort) - At the Glengarry Memorial Hospital, Alexandria on Monday, March 26, 2018. Monique Dorais (nee Dufort) of Alexandria; age 75 years. Beloved wife of the late Ernest Dorais. Loving mother of Denis Patenaude (Karen Boire) of Beachburg. Cherished grandmother of Roxane and Francis Patenaude, and greatgrandmother of Maïlie Issa. Dear sister of Romeo Dufort (Camille) of Quebec City, Bernard Dufort of Lachine, Que., Jean-Guy Dufort (Madeleine) of Victoriaville, Que., Jacques Dufort (Nicole) of St. Zot...