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Stacey's Funeral Home

60 Roe Ave
Gander, NL A0G 1C0
(709) 256-8585

Gander NL Obituaries and Funeral Related News

No Liars Share New LP, 'The Cause & The Cure' - Kill Your Stereo

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Cause & The Cure’, but now I’m really paying attention.For this new record, the independent Canadian band enlisted Jesse Gander of Rain City Recorders (Japandroids, White Lung) to record this debut full-length and Joao Carvalho (Alexisonfire, Arkells, Silverstein, Protest The Hero) to master the album as well. And as such, ‘The Cause & The Cure’ is just dripping in that particular kind of raw and honest production that suits No Liars‘ brand of melodic post-hardcore perfectly. Case in point: songs like the emotive ‘Guilt Trip’, the groovy riffage of ‘Animal‘, and the glorious, dynamic title track that closes out this new LP.A single listen to No Liars shows that these five guys are pulling a metric fuck tonne of influence from other, bigger Canadian acts; the dual vocals, deep emotion and massive hooks of Alexisonfire, the anger and energy of Comeback Kid, as well as the riffs and grooves of Billy Talent. Yet they handle these crystal clear inspirations well enough and in part, offer up a solid mixture of burning hardcore instrumentals, plenty of well-written melodious sections, some really passionate screams and catchy vocal melodies to boot. Also, unintentional or not, this band also carry on the very same songwriting torch that Funeral For A Friend lit and left on their last couple records (basically everything from ‘Welcome Home Armageddon‘...

Michael Murray

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Beson, Dave (Ann) Beson, Cathy Ann (Mel) Eveleigh of Alberta, Harold Jr. (Donna) Beson, Joan (Al) Baier, Helen (Paul) Morgan, Christine Amendola, Patricia (Jim) Worden of Ontario, Shirl Saunders of Gander, and Toddy (Lucien) Benazzi of Corsica, France, along with Margaret’s remaining family, a large number of nieces and nephews as well as a large circle of relatives and many friends. Funeral mass will be held at Sacred Heart Parish in Badger with Father Tom Duffenais at 2:00 PM on Saturday, July 15, 2017. Interment to follow at Badger Community Cemetery.

Gary Vey, former Gander airport CEO and MHA, dies at 65 -

Friday, June 2, 2017

The long-time head of the Gander International Airport Authority has died.Gary Vey, who served as airport president and CEO for more than 13 years, died on Christmas Day, according to a notice published on the website of Stacey's Funeral Home.He was 65.Vey led the airport authority between 2001 and 2014, said a statement from the authority. It said before that he was the head of a group that worked to transfer the airport from Transport Canada to the authority.He retired as president and CEO in July 2014.According to Gander Mayor Claude Elliott, Vey was instrumental in guiding Gander airport through its tough financial difficulties in 2006. Vey and the airport authority warned in 2006 that the institution was at risk of declaring bankruptcy.By May 2007, officials had secured a deal with the federal government that guaranteed up to $5 million for the airport."At times, it didn't look very good at the airport. At times we thought it might close. At times we thought we didn't know how we were going to get through...

Funding cuts threaten James Hornell Boys and Girls Club: director - Advertiser

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

In central Newfoundland there are Liberal MHAs – our MHA Al Hawkins, MHA Jerry Dean, representing the Botwood club and Hon. John Haggie, representing Gander,” he says.  “I do hope (they) are working behind the scenes to have this senseless decision reversed. The time for standing up and being counted is getting very close. To all ministers with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada in their districts, including Hon. Dale Kirby, please put it on all of your calendars to act as pallbearers at our funeral when we close our doors,” he added.Noftle was also appalled to hear Premier Dwight Ball say that there were no cuts to ‘core’ funding.  “Under the Conservatives our grant was $37,440. (The premier) just signed a letter – I thought I had won the 6/49 – telling us of all the great things we and other organizations like us do; (then that we) would receive $25,500,” said Noftle. “To add insult to injury, (the premier) had the face to come on NTV News and say no one was cut. Please explain this new math, as it should come from additional money made available in the GTYO funding, not by cutting our grants which have not been increased in ten years!”Noftle noted that the House Speaker Tom Osborne has been talking about increased spending for MHA districts’ allowances because they have not been increased since the MHAs’ constituency-spending scandal and thus an increase might be needed.“Our organization was not involved in any spending scandals, yet (the government’s) answer to us is massive cuts,” Noftle said, “Please tell me what's wrong with this scenario? If government were directly providing the services we in the non-profit sector are providing, their expenses would be 10 times that of ours. There would be no employees working at minimum wages and without benefits, yet we do not complain.”Noftle has some advice for the present government and he says they can afford it because it is free.“In 12 short months, you have lost touch with the people who elected you,” he said.“You are starting to believe your own PR – which we pay for.  Failure to (keep in touch with the people) may very well result in your stay on the governing side very short, and the way organizations like ours are being treated, not short enough.“This government was less than truthful on the campaign trail about the direction (it) would take us. This (they) have accomplished in one year. I am afraid to imagine (their) record in three year’s time.”Noftle said that his father, Ivor Noftle, a devoted Liberal going back to Joey Smallwood’s time, had a...

Hundreds come out for Dick Power's funeral - Gander Beacon

Friday, November 4, 2016

Moores Memorial Stadium in Harbour Grace. In that same time, he was a coach in the local minor hockey system. Prior to that, he played junior and senior hockey in St. John’s, Grand Falls-Windsor and Gander. During those years, Power made an unimaginable number of relationships with players, parents and others around the community and the province. Power died last week at the age of 75. Inside a somber S.W. Moores Memorial Stadium in Harbour Grace last Friday, hundreds came out to pay their respects to their friend and, in a lot of cases, their hockey coach and teammate. A place usually so full of colour had black drapes wrapped around the portion of the ice surface that Power’s old office overlooked. CeeBees colours graced the stage behind the microphone. Mourners filled more than half of the ice surface at the rink. Pictures of Power flashed on screens and various news clippings were displayed along the boards on both sides. Former players dressed in CeeBees uniforms; firefighters and others listened as close friends shared stories of Power. They heard how he loved a good prank and how he’d offer to help however he could. Close friends like Corey Crocker and Tom Snow took part in the ceremony, as well. Former pupil Daniel Cleary drew tears from the eyes of some when he spoke of the affect Power had on his career. At times, he fought his own e...

Regional appeal board reverses Deer Lake town council's decision to approve crematorium - The Western Star

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Two of those opponents, Stephen Brent and Kayla Critch, appealed council's decision. The appeal was heard in Deer Lake last week. In its decision released Tuesday, the West Newfoundland Regional Appeal Board reversed the council's decision to issue a permit. After hearing evidence at the hearing, the board found that a crematorium is not listed as a discretionary use within the town centre zone in which the funeral home is located and the town didn't exercise its authority appropriately in issuing the permit. A funeral home is listed as a permitted use in the zone, but a crematorium is not mentioned specifically. The town must now reconsider the application from Parsons Funeral Home in accordance with its current municipal plan, regulations and any other applicable legislation. "It's too bad," Parsons said Wednesday. "There are people around town who do support this, but they just don't want to come out and say it publicly because of the way some of the people against it have been getting on." The Town of Deer Lake recently submitted a new draft municipal plan to the provincial government for approval. In it, there are specific mentions that crematoriums will not be permitted anywhere in the town centre or in the commercial general zones. The plan does allow for crematoriums to be discretionary uses in either the industrial general zone or the commercial-light industrial zone. The plan also stipulates that a crematorium will not be located closer than a distance of 100 metres from the boundary of any other zone, except the environmental protection, commercial-light industrial, airport, utility, highway corridor, and rural zones. It also states that applications for crematoriums must be made separately from applications for new funeral homes. Parsons said it's not really feasible for his business to purchase land in the town's industrial park and hopes to still find a way to expand his Main Street location to include the crematorium. He noted it was interesting the appeal board did not fault the town's consideration of the environmental and esthetic concerns brought forth by the crematorium's opponents. He...

Regional appeal board deliberating Corner Brook city council's denial of Country Haven crematorium plans - The Telegram

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Coun. Bernd Staeben, who had initially voted in support of the request, had a change of heart. Parsons appealed the decision and a hearing was held by the West Newfoundland Regional Appeal Board in Deer Lake Thursday morning. The appeal board's mandate is not to determine the merit of Country Haven's application. Rather, it must determine if city council abided by the proper rules and regulations in considering its decision. Board chairperson Lloyd Walters asked if the city had provided a specific reason why the application had been rejected. Lori Lee Sharpe, the city's solicitor, noted that city staff must cite a specific reason if its recommendation to council is to refuse an application. In this case, staff's recommendation had been to approve it, but the final decision was still left to city council's discretion. Sharpe said each member of council voted according to their own consciences and the resulting decision did not legally require providing a justification of each council member's reasons for voting how they did. The board was also told each council member, before they cast their votes, had access to both feedback received from a public notice about the crematorium proposal advertised in The Western Star and the results of surveys sent to 150 households in the area immediately around the funeral home. There was also some discussion about whether the city correctly treated the crematorium as a discretionary use for the funeral home or if it should have been treated as an accessory use. Sharpe said, either way, the process would have resulted in city council voting according to their own consciences. Parsons told the board that a story published by The Western Star three days before council's second vote may have been a factor in swaying council's vote. In that story, a woman living near a crematorium in Stephenville, complained about the emissions coming from the facility. The owner of the Stephenville crematorium refuted what the woman was claiming. Likewise, Parsons contends the emissions from the controlled burning of a state-of-the-art crematorium is safer than a backyard barbecue. Parsons also told the board he was asked by the city to hold a public forum with his funeral home's neighbours just days before the vote took place. He said that was an impractical request, given such short notice and it would have had to be held on a weekend. Parsons does want to hold a public forum and will if he gets another chance to add the c...

2 N.L. funeral homes with suspended licences still offer prepaid services to new clients -

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Two Newfoundland funeral homes that had their licences for prepaid funerals suspended two years ago still appear to be accepting money from new clients for these services.An undercover CBC News investigation has found that Sunset Memorial Funeral Home in Grand Falls-Windsor said it would take money in trust for prepaid services, while Gordon Woolfrey Funeral Home in Lewisporte said it would accept money in trust or through insurance.A Sunset Memorial employee explained how it works over the phone."What happens is obviously a person would come in and select the funeral of their choice, the services and things like that," the employee said."And what happens is then, basically you have a couple of different options in regards with the payments, that sort of thing. What happens is the funeral is paid in full, that price is obviously locked in and money goes into a trust account, and obviously there would be no further payments then."Employees for Botwood, Sunset Memorial and Gordon Woolfrey fu...